Friday, February 15

25 Things about Me

1) I am the only one in my immediate family to NOT graduate from college.

2) I don't really care.

3) I believed in Santa until I was 13.

4) My mom kept us believing by saying"Do you really want to stop believing in someone who brings you that much stuff?"

5) I didn't know what "69" meant until I was 16 and my friends had to explain it to me.

6) I was my husbands first and only partner, I didn't find this out until after we'd been married for 7yrs.

7) I have worn glasses since first grade, Aidan got hers after preschool but before Kindergarten.

8) I was 110lbs when I got pregnant with my first, I have never come close to that weight again.

9)I have never cheated on my husband, never even thought about it.

10) I loved being pregnant, but my body can't handle another.

11) I want to adopt my cousins baby boy.

12) I have held only three jobs, all three lasted exactly a year.

13) My last job I was a paraprofessional in an Autistic classroom.

14) I loved my job.

15) I quit after one school year because I was pregnant.

16) I gained 30lbs the last 2mths of my first pregnancy.

17) It was because I had quit working and slept all day while my husband was at work.

18) The doctor thought I had toxemia. Turned out I just ballooned due to lack of movement.

19) I was in the top 20% of my graduating class and graduated with honors.

20) I had a full ride scholarship for the first two years of college. I only used one of them.

21) I was born in Wellsboro PA at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital.

22) Most of my family was born in that hospital, immediate and extended.

23) My parents moved us from PA to KS in 1983, my dad was in the army.

24) I have one sibling, a brother named Jason. He is 2yrs 1mth and a few days younger than me.

25) My mom is a principal for a special day school for ED (emotionally disturbed) children, she also teaches at a local college, and places exchange students for PAX. My dad is a paramedic and works IT for a local casino. They are way more ambitious than I.

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