Tuesday, April 15

100th Post

100 Places I have been

Instead of doing a list 100 things about me for my 100th post I thought this might be more interesting. I am going to try and do all the links for these places, in case you might be interested in visiting one of them.

1) Disney World, FL
2) Sea World, FL
3) Parkesdale Farm Market, FL
4) Gatorland, FL
5) Lowry Park Zoo, FL
6) Universal Studios, FL
7) Central Florida Zoo, FL
8) Bathtub Reef Beach Stuart, FL
9) Sharky's Panama City Beach, FL
10) Knoxville Zoo, TN

11) Riverbanks Zoo and Garden Columbia, SC
12) Newport Aquarium Newport, KY
13) New England Aquarium, Boston
14) Underwater Adventures Aquarium, Mall if America, MN
15) Mall of America, MN
16) Worlds of Fun, KC MO
17) Oceans of Fun, KC MO
18) Hershey Park, PA
19) Darien Lake Darien, NY
20) Louisville Zoo, KY

21) Cincinnati Zoo, OH
22) Omaha Zoo, NE
23) Topeka Zoo, KS
24) Animal Land, Wellsboro, PA
25) Pennsylvania Grand Canyon
26) Mount Rushmore, WY
27) Wall Drug, SD
28) Badlands, SD
29) Yellowstone, WY
30) Glacier National Park, MT

31) Pikes Peak, CO
32) Dodge City, KS
33) Cola De Caballo, Mexico
34) Mexico
35) Niagara Falls, NY & Canada
36) Canada
37) Mammoth Caves, KY
38) Squire Boone Caverns, KY
39) Magic House, St. Louis
40) Boston's Children's Museum

41) Site of the Boston Tea Party
42) Plymouth Rock, MA
43) Gloucester MA
44) Statue of Liberty
45) The Old North Church, Boston
46) Bunker Hill Monument, Boston
47) Paul Revere's House, Boston
48) Curious Creatures Zoo, MA
49) Southwick's Zoo, MA
50) Capron Park Zoo, MA

51) Franklin Park Zoo, MA
52) Stone Zoo, MA
53) Kansas City Zoo, MO
54) Red Barn Farm, MO
55) Apple Fest, MO
56) KC Renaissance Festival, KS
57) Kaufman Stadium for Royal's games, MO
58) Arrowhead Stadium for Chiefs games, MO
59) Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead, KS
60) St. Louis Arch, MO

61) Richmond Canal Cruise, VA
62) Yankee Candle Factory, MA
63) Empire State Building, NYC
64) Sears Tower, Chicago
65) Chicago Harbour Boat Tour
66) Watkins Glen State Park, NY
67) Watkins Mill, MO
68) Weston Bend State Park, MO
69) Frog Pond on Boston Common
70) Crazy Horse Memorial, WY
71) Corn Palace, SD
72) Scott's Bluff National Monument, NE
73) Chimney Rock National Historic Site, NE

Now I will list for the remaining numbers, the states I have been to. Because I am too lazy to link anymore places I have visited.
74) Maine
75) New Hampshire
76) Massachusetts
77) Connecticut
78) Rhode Island
79) New York
80) Pennsylvania and Ohio
81) New Jersey
82) Delaware
83) Maryland
84) Virgina and West Virgina
85) North and South Carolina
86) Georgia and Florida
87) Alabama and Louisiana
88) Arkansas
89) Tennessee and Kentucky
90) Illinois and Indiana
91) Kansas and Missouri
92) Nebraska and Iowa
93) South Dakota and Wyoming
94) Montana
95) Colorado
96) Mississippi
97) Oklahoma
98) Texas
99) Minnesota
100) California

37 out of 50 states, not too shabby. I just wish I have been further out of the country other than Mexico or Canada.

I told you I would do/go most anything/anywhere. Can you tell my family likes #1 zoos and #2 national parks, monuments, historical sites?

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