Friday, February 29

50 Things About Me (The birth edition)

1) I was blonde until High School.
2) I hate that my hair darkened after each pregnancy.
3) I am 28 and have quite a few gray hairs.
4) I have been pregnant 5 times.
5) But I only have 4 children.
6) I lost my 4th baby at 16wks 5days.
7) It was the hardest day of my life.
8) I was never able to find out what the sex of the baby was.
9) I was kind of glad they couldn't tell me.
10) It still hurts to think about it.
11) I was pregnant again 4mths after my miscarriage.
12) I worried everyday up until I was 17wks.
13) I even purchased my own heart doppler to hear the babies heartbeat every day.
14) It made me feel a little better.
15) Delilah is born exactly 1yr to the day of my miscarriage.
16) I was very worried the whole day, until she was born and crying.
17) She had the cord wrapped around her neck three times, but we didn't know it until she was born.
18) It never affected her heartbeat as I was in labor and giving birth.
19) Sophia was born "sunny side up" or face up.
20) I didn't know it until after she was born.
21) She's the only birth that required me to have stitches.
22) I had my first child naturally.
23) I had epidurals with the rest.
24) I was also induced with the rest.
25) Aidan was born 5mins after I received my epidural.
26) I never even got numb, they never gave me the medicine.
27) I told them she was coming out after I sat up for my epidural.
28) I went from 4cm to 10cm in 20mins.
29) I had to wait an hour for my doctor to get out surgery to push Sophia out. The epidural had nearly worn off.
30) It was hard.
31) I had to wait 45mins for the doctor to get back to the hospital to push Delilah out. My epidural had worn off and they were waiting for my doctor to get there for me to push or the anesthesiologist to get there to give me a booster. My doctor came first.
32) It was even harder.
33) My husband missed Aidans birth.
34) He was in MPI (military police investigation) school.
35) My MIL and mom were with me and he came later that evening.
36) My mom was at each of my births as well as my miscarriage.
37) I have seen my best friend give birth.
38) I didn't intend to.
39) We were having such a good time hanging out, she finally asked me if I wanted to stay for the birth.
40) It was a very late night, she didn't give birth until after 1am.
41) I tried very hard not to see all her "bits and pieces".
42) The nurse made it very hard to avoid.
43) I am not a screamer during birth. I am very calm and cool.
44) I am this way because I would be mortified of my behavior if I were to scream and carry on.
45) My first child Lillyanna was 7lbs 10ozs and 21" and she was born 38.5 wks into the pregnancy.
46) My second child Aidan was 8lbs 6ozs and 21" and she was born 39wks into the pregnancy.
47) My third child Sophia was 8lbs 7.5ozs and 22" and she was born 38.5wks into the pregnancy.
48) My fourth and final child Delilah was 8lbs 6.5ozs and 19" and she was born 38wks into the pregnancy.
49) I was on bed rest for the last month of my pregnancies with Sophia and Delilah.
50) I have four daughters and I don't plan on having anymore children.


QuicheBaby said...

You aren't supposed to tell "everyone" that you saw my bits. That was a special moment between friends. I am just glad there were no pictures of that moment, not my best angle.

Marie said...

I haven't seen Keisha's bits, but I've seen her boobs. But who hasn't, right? :P

I'm not a screamer either. The only time I've ever screamed was when I was attacked by a dog and no one came to help.

Allie Bear said...

I tried to scream when I was pushing with Nicholas and my doctor yelled at me, he told me if I was screaming I wasn't pushing hard enough. He was sunny side up too, they had to use forceps to rotate him because he was stuck on my pubic bone.

Stephanie said...

Allie: Ouch!

Marie: I don't even think I have seen her boobs. But she moved away so quickly after Abby's birth, I didn't see much of her breastfeeding. Mostly I saw her behind, a lot of it I block out the "other" parts I saw.