Thursday, January 31

20 Facts About My Wedding

#1) I was engaged at 18 and married just after I turned 19. My husband was 20. He proposed to me on Christmas Day, but I already knew he was going to and had seen the ring. Two weeks later I found out I was pregnant.

#2) I was pregnant before I was married, but engaged at the time. I always feel I have to explain this to people. I am a little ashamed I was not married before I was pregnant, but it bothers me greatly that I am so ashamed. I also make a joke about practicing "bundling" when I have to explain myself to the raised eyebrows when people subtract my wedding date and my daughters b-day.

#3) I had two weddings, both in a Mormon Church. My husband and I are not Mormon, but the Chapel on Post wouldn't marry us in my current "predicament". We were lucky that the pastor of the Mormon Church was a friend of the family and his son had a similar "situation".

#4) During both weddings Steve the pastor made references to how much we must "love" to spend "time" with each other. This embarrassed me, especially when the whole church roared with laughter after his joke.

#5) I didn't make most of the decisons during the planning of my 2nd wedding, the one for family and friends. I was 8mths pregnant at the time and let my mom make all of the choices. I secretly felt I didn't have the right to choose because of my "situation".

#6) I ate nothing but a roll at my reception. My mom insited on meatloaf and new potatos as the dinner, with vegetables I don't eat. My grandma offered to get me a pizza, I love her for that. The photographer made me switch plates with my Maid of Honor for pictures.

#7) My sister-in-law is a major bitch and I learned this on my wedding day. She left the reception after 30mins, making her mom drive her back to the hotel. It was all a tantrum over her "creative differences" with the photograper. She felt like she was being left out of the picture, so not true, she was just not in the CENTER of the picture.

#8) My best friend and maid of honor de-virginized a 16 year old boy after the reception, in my parents basement. I was very angry at her and didn't speak to her for a month. We don't "speak" anymore, e-mail and my space are about it.

#9) My grandmother and grandfather refused to be in a picture together with me. They are divorced and neither of their spouses came with them. It was the first time they had spoken, outside of a court room, in 28yrs.

#10) I danced to butterfly kisses with my dad for the daddy daughter dance. I hate that song, but could find nothing better. I dedicated the song Mama by the Spice Girls to my mom, that song still makes me cry. My husband sang Keeper of the Stars to me during our ceremony, no one got it on video. We danced to Shana Twain's From this Moment as our first dance together.

#11) I hate to be the center of attention and tried to hide at my own wedding.

#12) My mom made my dress for me, altering a maternity dress pattern. It is very pretty. I hope none of my girls ever wear it in their wedding. She choose to tell me that I needed a slip for my dress FIVE mins before the ceremony. She tried to convince me to take my underwear off, to which I replied "I'd rather people see my big white panties, then the big black bush!" That shut her up.

#13) My friends from High School were shocked to see me on my wedding day, I was HUGE. I felt the need to explain I had already been legally married for months and that we were in fact engaged before I found out I was pregnant.

#14) I almost wouldn't get married for fear that everyone would assume I only got married because I "had" to. My mom convinced me I was being stupid and it was a better idea to get married now, get on my husbands health insurence, and move in to military housing before the baby came.

#15) The day before the wedding my mother in law made me cry, she told me I looked like I was carrying a boy. We had decided to wait to find out the sex of our first and I so wanted a girl.

#16) The most beautiful wedding gift we recieved was for the baby. A handmade, wooden cradle. The man who lived next door to my family for years made it especially for me. I miss him terribly.

#17) My flower girl was my cousin, she was 10. I was 9 when I was her mom's flower girl and her mom was 10 when she was my moms flower girl. She is getting married this summer and I am a little disappointed she hasn't asked my daughter to be her flower girl, she will be 9 before the wedding. She did ask me to be in her wedding though, this terrifies me.

#18) My mom offered us the cash she would spend on the wedding, if we didn't have the big ceremony. Sometimes I wish we'd have taken the cash.

#19) My Aunt and I have the same wedding dates, both of them. She was in a similar "situation" when she got married. But she waited until after her daughter was born to have her ceremony. Actually quite a few women in my family have been in this "situation", my mom is not one of them. My paternal grandma was one of those women.

#20) I wore canvas tennis shoes that my mom made "prettier" with flowers and beads. Heels were out of the question.

There are 20 things you didn't need to know about my wedding.


KiKi said...

Seemed like one heck of an event!

Stephanie said...

Yes it was and thanks for being my first comment. Did that sound needy? ;P