Thursday, January 8

The Day I Took a THREE HOUR NAP!!!

You didn't read the title wrong, I actually was allowed a three hour nap today. It was wonderful, I feel refreshed. I have been staying up late every night and of course I have to get up at 7 every morning so there is no sleeping in. I was chatting with Kale online today and could barely keep my eyes open. I decided I'd take my shower then lay down while Delilah napped. I can't believe she slept that long and that Sophia didn't try and wake us up. I put the gate up at the top of the stairs and let her roam between her room and the older girls room. When I came out I asked "Are you playing?" and she told me "No, playing is boring. You slept to long!"

After my extremely long nap we went to the grocery store and BK for lunch (late lunch at 2:30). We ate our lunch while we waited for the girls at the school. I usually get to the school at 2:45 so I am first in the pick up line. But they don't get out until 3:15. I also used the time to clean out the van, it was full of trash. A shopping bag full of trash to be exact. Mostly papers from my mail. I open it in the pick up line at the school. I rarely get anything important so most of it's trash/recycling.

I spent all day yesterday working on Aidan's dress which has now become a shirt. I tried to put the ruffle on the bottom of the shirt but after it was on it looked weird. So I spent and hour or two taking it off stitch by stitch. I thought it was going to be too big on her, but it fits pretty well. Looks pretty good also. My mom is going to help me put the ruffle on it this weekend, we will see if I like it better with out it.

I plan on going shopping this weekend for more supplies. Hobby Lobby and Hancock Fabric are both having pattern sales. I will stock up on the brands that are on sale. I wrote down the numbers of 7 I liked in Simplicity and 9 in Butterick. I am not sure I will get them all this weekend, but for 99cents and 1.99 each you can't go too wrong.

Here's Aidan's shirt. I didn't let her wear it today in case I want to add the ruffle.

Even though she looks angry she really wasn't. She is just weird right now about smiling.


Jacki said...

Oh my, Emma would love that shirt....she loves horses. Talks about buying one every day.

Stephanie said...

Aidan loves them too, has ever since she first laid eyes on a real horse. She was 2 and we were at my aunt's house, she feel in love with Red the second she touched him. Before she talked she whinnied and neighed. We have horse shirts coming out of our ears! I get most of them from Kohl's and some from Gymboree and Gap.

When Kale returns Aidan will resume riding lessons and after Kale becomes an officer and she is big enough to care for it, we are buying her a horse.

Jennifer said...

wow. i love the print and i'm sure that Aidan loves it too!!

You are doing sooo good with this sewing stuff. i came by the other day and saw your FIRST project but didn't get a chance to comment... the girls have been wearing me down. lol

I have made a few things for my girls and nothing for Trevor... only b/c they seem to have a lot more girls patterns than boys, and b/c they have more material for girls too. anyway... you are doing a great job. i am not so good with understand the directions. why can't they just write them in "normal" lingo not sewers talk. ugh.

my mom and dad got me a sewing machine last year for Christmas I love it. i have made a few blankets and stuff that is all a lot easier for me to just cut and do my own thing instead of reading a pattern.

i might be calling you for some help. :)

I just read your comment that you are going to buy Aidan a horse one day... that is so awesome. i love horses and love to ride them. although I have only been a horse a handful of times, it is so cool. :)

keep up the sewing I can't wait to see what you make after you get your new patterns. and those prices seem like a STEEL!! :)

happy sewing.

Memarie Lane said...

Looks great without a ruffle.