Wednesday, January 14

Lilly's Valentine's Shirt and My New Habit

I have a new habit of napping in the late mornings. It's been nice, except I don't want to wake up when Delilah does. Oh well, I need to really start going to bed at a decent hour. I have been burning the midnight oil for weeks now. Not really good for someone who needs to be functioning during the day. Since I took up sewing my housework has suffered more than usual. My dishes and laundry mostly. My living room has never stayed so clean. I have to vacuum every night to be sure no one steps on any loose pins. That's one of my greatest fears.

I finally finished Lilly's shirt. It took me the longest so far. I didn't realize hemming on a curve was so difficult. I know better now. I like the way it turned out and how well it fits Lilly. Of course I had to take it in an inch and make the elastic 2 inches shorter than they suggested, I have skinny mini girls. I think I could make the bodice a size 5 for her, but she needs the length to be a 7. They are all over the place for the pattern sizes.

Now I just have Sophia and Aidan's Valentine's shirts to finish. They are all cut out and just need to be sewn. At least these two have easy written on the patterns, not like Lilly's. :P

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Jennifer said...

wow. I LOVE this shirt... it is really cute... and it fits her PERFECT!!! :) She is a skinny mini!! :)

I love both girls shirts... they came out so nice! :) You are doing a great job with all this sewing!! :)

I'm not sure which shirt I like better though... it would be a hard call... I like different things about both of them... like the curve on Lilly's but the red pleating on the bottom of Sophia's.

can't wait to see all four girls with the shirts on. :)