Tuesday, January 13

Long Long Day....

It's been long because it started early, 6:24am to be exact. That's when Delilah woke me up, she was soaking wet with pee. Wonderful way to wake up. Have I ever mentioned how much I ENJOY being woke before 7am? I have? Oh, ok I will stop mentioning it.

After her bath I woke everyone else and got us all ready. I offered to drive Rosy to Hobby Lobby and to get her there when the doors opened at 9am. It's about a 45min drive to the one we went to, so as soon as I dropped the girls off we left to pick her and Alan up. We arrived just as the doors opened. She wanted a $500 Christmas tree they had on sale for $60 and they only had one left. That's why we had to be there so early. It barely fit in the van and the guy "helping" us was trying to shut my trunk door before I moved the seat up enough for it to fit. I thought he was going to bust my window out or break the damn door. When I say barely fit, I mean BARELY!

After Hobby Lobby we went to Joann's, they have Simplicity patterns on sale for 99cents this week. Not that I really needed any more, but there were a couple I needed copies of, of course they were all out of the ones I wanted. I did find an apron pattern for the older girls, they were out of the apron pattern I liked for the little girls. I may go back on payday this week. We spent quite a bit of time in there, over an hour. I found some pretty spring fabric. Sophia picked out one for herself and I picked one for Delilah. I will take the older girls to pick something for themselves soon. All but one thing I bought was on sale for 50% off or for 99 cents. And I had a 50% off coupon for the one item not on sale. I made it out of there with 5-6yards of fabric, three spools of thread, a spool of ribbon, three patterns, a green bag and a penguin pen for Sophia all for a little under $25. I don't think I am doing too badly. If I bought two outfits and a shirt for the girls (which is what I will get out of the fabric) I would spend at least that or more.

My hobby is keeping me busy enough and keeps me shopping enough to keep me happy.

After we shopped Sophia, Delilah, and I napped before picking up the girls and taking them to girl scouts. I get my cookies from Aidan tonight, yum! I am hoping to finish Lilly's shirt tonight. I had trouble with it last night, I didn't read the directions closely. I was nearly done, so it p*ssed me off, but I knew I needed to get to bed. I hate to leave things unfinished, but I would have been too frustrated to finish it easily. I want to be successful so I don't get bored and quit.


Jacki said...

Thanks so much for the offer! Emma's birthday is in June. I'd pay, of course.

That's not bad sales...a $500 tree for $60? WOW.

Jennifer said...

awesome deals!! you girls totally rock!! you are so right too about buying fabric and supplies is cheaper than buying clothes and it gives you something to do. :)

also what a great deal that Rosey got with the tree... amazing. :)

i wish the girls would nap for me... i really could use one, especially today!! :P